1. Your company is more than 30 years old. Are the majority of your employees – people belonging to “old school”, who have been working for a long period of time?

This is partially true. NeuHaus indeed has a number of employees who have been working from the very start and they are the witnesses of the company’s history and one of our most valuable resources. They are interested in sharing their experience with the younger NeuHaus generation and we fully support this tendency. Given the potential and opportunities of younger employees, we are willing to accept them into our team and we are confident that they will be given all the knowledge required by our long-time experts.

2. What type of experts is NeuHaus looking for?

NeuHaus is actively developing and growing. We are always looking for new talents and individuals. We are constantly recruiting people into our Sales Department. This department, as well as the entire company as a whole, is actively growing. New fields are appearing at a rapid pace along with new tasks to be fulfilled.
At the present moment, the company also is open to recruiting and training younger experts and recent graduates who do not have a vast working experience in the field. Such candidates are guided and trained by their managers and if successful, they get an opportunity of being promoted.

3. What are the selection criteria for the potential candidates? Is it necessary to have an engineering degree?

If we are talking about an expert, we a most interested in his/her experience, where he/she worked previously, what his/her competences are in being a manager and of course in personal qualities. However, if a candidate is motivated to learn and make a contribution in order build his/her career, if he/she has a goal, then in such a case in our company it is possible to grow professionally even without specialized education and a vast experience to begin with.

4. What are the perspectives of professional and career growth within the company? What has NeuHaus to offer, apart from the social benefits?

Currently, NeuHaus is handling and fulfilling a big quantity of large interesting projects. Each time our experts start a new project, it is always something innovate and customized. If a person is confident that he/she is be able to perform and then actually brings this to life, then his/her growth potential within our company is not limited. Our company has witnessed a number of successful employee promotions, including those when a person was transferred from one department to another.